Rajeev B

The Producer


With a well-rounded knowledge of the music industry Rajeev is heavily involved in the production of new Asian music, perfecting sounds that take people by surprise.

With an eye for new trends Rajeev works well in the studio as well as on stage, ensuring every part of his musical arrangement is flawless.

It is this attention to detail that has seen Rajeev reach such professional limits, with the majority of Asian artists illustrating a passion to work with and learn from him.

Producing Remixes

Rajeev began producing remixes from a very young age, over the years mastering the perfect formula to craft incredible material. In addition to his many accolades his fame reached new heights with the release of ‘Patandra’, a remix that is regarded as a must-have track for all Asian DJ’s.

Having evolved into a wedding favourite the remix is successful in defining Rajeev B as a modern, passionate artist, seeing him achieve the level of stardom that he deserves.

The sound of the future

Although remixes use already released material Rajeev B reinvents tracks, creating a distinctive sound that everybody recognises as his.

With each day bringing a fresh idea, seeing the superstar test new methods to create exclusive sounds, he is always staying one step ahead of the industry, leading the way for fellow music producers.


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