Rajeev B

The Music Mogul

Being the most talented individual in the Asian community Rajeev B is seen as a music authority, using his passions to help other aspiring individuals make their dreams come true.

Being the founder of the ‘B Famous’ project Rajeev B influences the celebration of Bhangra music across all age groups, especially young boys and girls desperate to experience what it is like to be a prominent feature on the Asian music scene.

By advising, teaching and listening Rajeev B puts hopefuls through the motions to make it big, believing in their dream and helping them achieve a strong community of followers.

Belief is the key to success

Rajeev B is very open when discussing the catalyst of his success, always thanking his fans and appreciating what they have given him.

‘Without my fans I would be nothing’ he says.

Although feeling it to be important for others to believe in your dream it is vital for young artists to believe in themselves, finding the confidence to lay their talents out on the table.

‘The ‘B Famous’ scheme is all about giving people confidence, working with their talents and letting artists know that there are people that believe in them’.

If you are interested in the ‘B Famous’ project then be sure to contact Rajeev B.


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