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Five top tips for making it big in the music industry

Heading out into the world of the unknown can be pretty scary, especially when trying to prove yourself as a credible artist. For many young musicians it is this anxiety that stops them for chasing after their dreams, feeling as if they do not know where to start when trying to make it in the Asian music industry. If you are facing this worry then Rajeev B has put together 5 top tips to help you along the way. We hope they help!

Know your niche

Working with your strengths is what will take you to the top, understanding your comfort zone and the limits in which you can take yourself. By clearly outlining who you are as an artist you can form an audience that will stay intrigued. Confusing your audience with an array of genres and styles will only give an impression of a lack of identity. You can only test these boundaries once you are well established.

Work for your audience

It is one thing for you to love one of your songs but it is imperative that it speaks to your target audience; after all, they are the ones that will be buying your material. By constantly engaging with your fans through social media you will quickly get an idea of what does and does not work for them.

Keep learning

Even if you have defined yourself as an artist there is still room to grow as an act, with the music industry infamously being taken in new directions with each and every new release. Where trends come in and out of fashion you must ensure you are ahead of the game, setting these trends rather than jumping on bandwagons.

The modern music lover likes to be surprised and challenged by new, innovative Asian music, admiring obscure twists on originals as well as testing genre fusions.

Be influenced

None of us are here today by accident, with our family, friends and inspirations making us the people we are. Even if you have taken influences from prolific artists such as Bob Marley or Beyonce, there are still admirations to be made during your journey.

Make yourself a brand

Although music is a passion it is also a profession, and sometimes you must take a step back and look at yourself as a business. Taking this approach will ensure you are rewarded for the efforts you put in.

Let us know what you think of Rajeev B’s top tips!

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