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Ranjhana by Rajeev B ft. Pappi Gill is released

We have heard nothing but voices of excitement over the past few weeks, with music fans desperate to hear Rajeev B’s latest track – Ranjhana.

Download from iTunes: https://goo.gl/l4dtPB

Here’s the video of Ranjhana:

Signed to E3UK Records the British phenomenon has gather a credible fan base of late, introducing Britain to exhilarating sounds of Asian through incredible music. With last night’s surprise release he has only broadened his audience, seeing double the amount of people visit his social media pages.

The track sees Rajeev B join forces with the infamous Pappi Gill with a song that pays homage to ‘Rang Kala’ by Mukhtar Sahota & Pappi Gill. Regarded as a Bhangra classic many thought Rajeev B was mad to tamper with such a well-known track, however, his gamble has paid off, blowing the world away by his unique mixing style.

If you wish to speak to Rajeev B about this amazing song then you can do so through the details below.

Contact details:

Record Label: www.e3uk.com
PR Agency: MOBO Media – www.mobo.co.uk
Official Website: www.RajeevB.com
iTunes Download link: https://goo.gl/l4dtPB
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiVVr1tNROc
Twitter: https://twitter.com/rajeevbmusic
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RajeevBMusic
Press Contact: Abbey Moses
Email: pr@mobo.co.uk | Tel. Number: +44 2920 442214

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