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Celebrating culture through music

It is always important to stay true to your roots, whatever genre of music you choose to delve into. When thinking of successful artists such as Rhianna and Sean Paul they have always incorporated their history into their musical presentations.

Having evolved into cultural ambassadors such artists are placed on a pedestal, with the whole world recognising them as a cultural signifier.

As you can image, this can come with a great deal of pressure, with musicians having to always think about the message they convey and how they represent themselves and their country’s traditions.

Over the years Rajeev B has felt the pressure to reflect his hometown in a positive light, feeling his music to be a cultural expression that people learn from.

Here is Rajeev B’s guide to respecting your culture without compromising innovation:


Although fashion plays a vital role in the representation of an artist it is always a great idea for Asian artists to include snippets of traditional attire within music videos. Whether that be a turban or a vivacious tapestry of colours and materials, this will ensure your act is a well-rounded one.


Rajeev B works with music made in various languages including English, Hindu and Punjabi. Not only does this broaden his audience but it also shows an adherence to various cultures, crafting Rajeev as a respectful, admirable artist.


By working with both Asian and Urban sounds artists can position their music amongst an array of demographics, playing their work to as many ears as possible. Rajeev B’s blend of sounds has encouraged a strong English and Asian following.


Be careful when writing songs. Although the younger generation like to test boundaries you do not want to cause any offence.

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