Rajeev B

About Me

Rajeev B has worked incredibly hard to get to the position he is in today; putting his all into every musical venture put his way.

Rajeev’s passions are plentiful, proving to have creative blood running through his veins.

Rajeev B’s talents include:

  • DJ’ing
  • Music Production
  • Networking
  • Directing
  • Event Theming
  • Decor Designing
  • Wedding Canopies & Stage Creation
  • Stage Production

And being an overall entrepreneur.

Involved in a number of projects the Asian artist is best-known for releases such as ‘Daroo’, ‘Beat it Boliyan’ and ‘The Take Over’, as well as his involvement in the ‘B Famous’ project, a scheme that puts young and aspiring artists on the map.

‘Having been through the motions of trying to make my mark on the music industry I have the knowledge and experience to help young artists. There is so much raw talent out there that just needs to be steered in the right direction’.

Although coming from humble beginnings Rajeev holds the expertise to single-handedly take the Asian music industry to the masses, enthusing in this varied genre that is only growing in popularity.

The story so far

If you follow Rajeev on Twitter then you will be well aware of his always-in-development portfolio of music. Being extremely active across social media platforms we expect his story to be only in its exposition.

Where it all started

Growing up in West London as a child he was surrounded by musical inspirations, seeing every opportunity as a gateway to musical expression.

From tapping on his school tables to mixing his sibling’s music, his passion to be a world-famous DJ was defined from a very young age.

‘Growing up with an older brother and sister, I was exposed to an older generation of music than my own – old school grooves, dub, Soul, Bhangra Classics, you name it! I used to love hearing old and new music from different genres, and mashing them up with the biggest Bhangra songs of that time’

As he grew up he began to take his love for music seriously, becoming a bedroom DJ and playing a circuit of local gigs. From here he knew this was his destiny.

Calibar Roadshow

Having made a name for himself in his area he then joined the Calibar Roadshow, further developing his career as a creative. Gaining a high-regarded reputation in his teens the star influenced a strong following, setting the way for fellow Asian DJ’s.

Kudos Music

Collaborating with Kudos Music is where his journey really began, allowing him to make a stamp on the wedding entertainment circuit. As well as performing Rajeev B also released records under the E3UK & Kudos Music record label, being the most significant career step he ever made.


Rajeev B has been branded as ‘the master of the mixtape’, being recognised as the most successful individual in the Asian music industry to date. Having travelled the world Rajeev has collaborated with the best artists in the world including Jelly Manjitpuri, Nirmal Sidhu, Nav Sidhu, Surinder Saini, Late Kaka Bhaniawala and many more.


His biggest professional challenge is the release of his debut album ‘The Take Over’ which is set to release this year by the label Kudos Music/E3UK, cementing his greatness on the Asian music industry.


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